Please direct all “Mermaid Mail” through a “message in a bottle” to:
Mermaid Melissa is available for live appearances at the beach, pool parties, swimming with marine life, hired for underwater mermaid shows at aquariums, & other special requests.
All questions regarding hiring Mermaid Melissa as a real life mermaid performer, becoming a mermaid for a day, mermaid tails, mermaid jobs, and mermaid photo shoots, can be answered by submitting an email.
If you would like to help fund Mermaid Melissa’s future video projects please email us direct -Any contribution is greatly appreciated.
Be sure to include your information and reason for contacting us direct.
We are here to answer fan mail
Inquiries on our mermaid services
Quotes on Mermaid Events
Pricing on Mermaid actives
Booking Mermaid Melissa Live for any custom event!
Please include: specific location, date, time slot, hours/days needed for event, type of project, budget, and other details to help our team get back to you with the most accurate quote.

Mermaid Melissa can be hired for:
Aquarium mermaid shows
Mermaid in a fish tank display
Ocean sightings
Beach appearances
Mermaid Convention promotions
Grand openings
Pool parties
Birthday parties
Special events
Custom quotes for specialty projects
TV mermaid appearances
Mermaid movie scenes
Guest talks and public speaking
Ocean conservation projects
Mermaid Beach cleanups
Traveling worldwide for mermaid shows
Mermaid Brand ambassador
Mermaid product model
Mermaid Makeup
underwater product demos
Underwater modeling
Aquatic routines
Underwater stunts
Yacht appearances
Boat sightings
Boat parades
Boat shows
Mermaid parades
Mermaid book reading
And all water, mermaid, & ocean themed requests!

Specializing in underwater Breath-hold
Free diving projects
Scuba Certified with CPR, trained on rescue air, water safety techniques, lifeguard