Elon Musk

Elon Musk is arguably the world’s best innovator and capital allocator at scale.
There is a lot of wisdom people can learn from remarkable people like Elon.
Consolidation of videos can lead to faster and better understanding of Elon and his companies.

A must watch:

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship Update Event – Livestream

Elon Musk: SpaceX, Mars, Tesla Autopilot, Self-Driving, Robotics, and AI | Lex Fridman Podcast #252

Elon Musk Sits Down With The Babylon Bee
Elon Musk sat down with Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon, EIC Kyle Mann, and Creative Director Ethan Nicolle for an in-depth interview on wokeness, Elizabeth Warren, taxing the rich, the Metaverse, which superhero Elon would be, and how the left is killing comedy.

TIME Person of the Year
Elon Musk is elected TIME Person of the Year for 2021. TIME made a short video with a short interview of Elon.

Hardcore History
Elon Musk chats with Dan Carlin as an addendum to his Hardcore History Podcast. The format is very conversational and technical. Mostly focuses on engineering and its importance throughout history.

WSJ CEO Council Summit
Elon Musk speaks with the Wall Street Journal at the 2021 CEO Council Summit on the state of US innovation. Topics include Tesla, SpaceX, Starship progress, Cybertruck, Neuralink progress, US government/infrastructure bill. This is one of the most concise and informative Elon Interviews of 2021.

SSB & BPA Joint Fall Meeting
Elon gives an update on the progress of Starship. Elon is confident that they can get Starship to orbit by the end of 2022. Elon also discusses Mars, the meaning of life, and other esoteric topics. Elon’s comments start at 6:49

CodeCon 2021
Elon Musk speaks at CodeCon 2021. Topics include China, cryptocurrency, SpaceX, Jeff Bezos, taxes, stock options, Tesla Stock, psychedelics, FSD, AI, simulation.

Italian TechWeek
Elon Musk speaks at Italian TechWeek. Topics include Mars, how Elon starts companies, difficult times with Tesla, energy, Neuralink, learning, genetics, hiring/solving hard problems, Italy.

Starbase Tour Part 3
The third part of Everyday Astronaut’s interview with Elon at Starbase. Topics include using oil rigs as landing/launch sites, tour of the orbital launch mount, and a very sobering and urgent speech by Elon.

Starbase Tour Part 2
The second part of Everyday Astronaut’s interview with Elon at Starbase. Topics include raptor engine discussion, space shuttle program, heat shield discussion, and grid fin discussion.

Starbase Tour Part 1
The first part of Everyday Astronaut’s interview with Elon at Starbase. Topics include discussions about the high bay, grid fins, raptor engine, HLS, and stage separation/cold gas thrusters.

The B Word Conference
Elon Musk appears with Cathie Wood and Jack Dorsey to discuss the merits of Bitcoin and other blockchain/cryptocurrency innovation.

Starlink Update
Elon gives an update on the progress of Starlink. Discussion includes the origin of Starlink, a financial breakdown of Starlink, mobile phone partnerships, SpaceX launches, and the purpose of SpaceX/Tesla/Neuralink

SNL Monologue
Elon Musk’s opening Monologue on SNL.

XPPRIZE discussion
Elon (barefooted) speaks with Peter Diamandis about a new carbon capture initiative and an associated contest with a $100m cash prize donated personally by Elon. Climate change, SpaceX, and Tesla are also discussed.

Joe Rogan #3
Elon sits with Joe Rogan for a third interview. SpaceX, Tesla, aliens, mars, Cybertruck, the meaning of life, and plenty of other subjects are discussed in this 3 hour interview.
Here is a link to the transcript:

Elon Musk on The Joe Rogan Experience #1609

Sandy Monro 1-on-1
Sandy Monro, automotive expert, interviews Elon Musk. Topics include the difficulty of manufacturing at scale, autopilot/FSD, castings, battery packs, electronics, the EV revolution, and the merit of having (or better yet not having) an MBA.

Clubhouse Interview
Elon Musk goes on Clubhouse to be interviewed by the founders. After the interview, Elon invites Vlad Tenev (Robinhood CEO) up to discuss the recent GameStop Stonk controversy.

Wall Street Journal Interview
Elon speaks with the Wall Street Journal about Tesla, SpaceX, Texas, and various other pieces of advice.

2020 Axel Springer Award
Elon speaks at the Axel Springer Headquarters and receives their 2020 award. Topics of this interview include Starship, SpaceX, Full Self Driving, Giga Berlin, sleeping on the factory floor, AGI, threats to humanity, Neuralink, and techno-music.

Everyday Astronaut + Jim Bridenstine
Interview with Elon Musk and Jim Bridenstine (former NASA administrator) about the successful launch of two American Astronauts.

Jay Leno 2020
Elon shows off the Cybertruck to Jay Leno, and they also take it through The Boring Company Tunnel.
The video is one part of the full episode (not fully available on YouTube.

Joe Rogan #2
Round 2 with Joe Rogan. As always, lots of topics covered here including X Æ A-12, giving up possessions, selling homes, time allocation, Neuralink, simulation theory, Covid-19, Twitter, bias in mainstream media, freedom, health, and martial arts.

Air Warfare Symposium
Elon speaks at AFA’s Air Warfare Symposium. Elon talks SpaceX, and also makes remarks on the age of the fighter jet being over. Elon reiterates the importance and inevitability of autonomous weapon systems.

Third Row Tesla Podcast


Elon Musk speaks with Tesla fans/owners for several hours at the former home of Gene Wilder. This is one of the best Elon Interviews ever given. Topics include Twitter, wealth, capitalism, communism, money as allocation of labor, car industry landscape, solar, HGTTG as philosophy, Gigafactory Shanghai, story of Elon’s immigration from South Africa to Canada and then the USA, x.com origin, PayPal origin, Bitcoin, laws, Tesla early days.

Lex Fridman #2
Elon speaks with Lex Fridman. Topics include consciousness, AI, AI Safety, Neuralink, Tesla Autopilot and FSD, and Carl Sagan.

Everyday Astronaut Starship Update
Elon Speaks with Tim Dodd and gives an update on the development of the Starship launch system.

Elon vs Jack Ma
Elon musk speaks (debates?) with Jack Ma in Shanghai. This “debate” has been memed into oblivion due to Jack Ma’s lack of understanding of technology. Definitely a fun watch.

E3 Coliseum with Todd Howard
Elon speaks with Todd Howard (game designer, Fallout/Elder Scrolls) about Tesla, SpaceX, video games, cars, and space.

Lex Fridman #1
Elon Speaks with Lex Fridman primarily about Autopilot/FSD. conversation covers Autopilot motivation, algorithms, hardware, edge cases, driver monitoring, narrow AI, physics, and love.

ARK Invest Interview
Elon is interviewed by ARK Invests Cathie Wood and Tasha Keeney.

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