Booking Information and Background Checks on Professional Mermaid Performers

Booking Information and Background Checks on Professional Mermaid Performers

Mermaid Melissa LLC is a full service aquatic entertainment agency for providing top professional mermaid performers, underwater performers, traveling tanks and so much more! Below is a new “Mermaid Cam” video upload of our unique mermaid games and poolside entertainment. To learn more about what makes us stand out from the rest in an ocean full of fish… Feel free to read on and discover more about us beyond what you see on surface.
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Our most important goal with clients is to ensure quality, credentials, professionalism, and safety. When you are dealing with companies depending on those requirements, it is important to them (for good reason) that they contract services of other companies or entertainers to uphold a family friendly image both on the job -in all aspects of their career and background. This is especially important when you realize the millions of dollars many companies invest in their growing brand, and the importance that the person or service hired, is reputable around guest with nothing that can reflect badly back on the company that hired an entertainer to perform on their behalf. Clients demand the best, and if you are growing a company in any form… Reputation regarding work ethic and background resume checks is an important part in clients getting what they paid for. Sometimes when another drops the ball, you are called in to pick up the pieces and fix things from the ground up. In order to be successful, repeat business can build a strong business model and word of good business travels fast!
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With that said, we would like to share more specifics on our company:
Professional aquatic credentials & elite company background references – 10 year resume and certificates working for well known large credited aquariums worldwide, managing underwater performers. Our company has a perfect track record for delivering services as promised. We have NEVER canceled on a booked event in the history of our business practice. We welcome background & criminal checks on all our performers, as we only contract and train in established divers who have a strong well rounded background & reputation both personally and professionally. All performers aquatic ability and athletic skills are also confirmed. They are then put through vigorous swim test, and complete several courses over the years to perfect interactions with children and safety procedures in the water, etc.
Our mermaids are not hired models to simply pose in a home-made tail with no prior experience. Mermaid Melissa only hires and trains in beautiful athletic professional underwater stunt women. Their skills, endurance level, and ability to take direction under strict training to perform high intensity water routines while holding their breath, -is only matched by their reliable reputation for consistent high energy shows with positive attitudes.
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Each mermaid is specifically trained in custom quality movie grade tails with safe materials for use around children to touch, safe for all environments, approved for use around marine mammals with no shedding of materials, no porous materials that can harbor bacteria, mold, or old sand particles, no sharp rough edges, no toxic chemicals, dyes, fabrics that can rip, plastics, sequins, or dissolving paints. When you put a trained mermaid performer from our team in a custom expensive real looking mermaid tail, the outcome is beyond expectations for any live up-close guest viewing interactions. We strive for memorable real-life mermaid experiences, that will turn mythical into reality!
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Our team of performers are insured and certified to ensure safety and knowledge while on location.
Paying customers, company clients, reviews, & feedback proof, can be provided to future clients upon booking request. We back our teams professional credentials, our services to the best in the aquatic industry for underwater mermaid entertainment, and we are the original “hire a mermaid” full service for children’s parties, and VIP events with our signature traveling tanks tour across the USA.
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Contact for booking Mermaid appearances, swimming mermaids, aquarium showcases, ocean Atlantis themed events, aquatic performances, live specialty act, professional underwater models, & synchronized routines. We have trained breath holding techniques and do not use breathing tubes or other air hose devices, -as pro free divers, each team member is exclusively contracted, managed, & trained by Mermaid Melissa LLC in association with Aquatic Merage Productions.
Traveling worldwide, our services have been outsource by internationally well known companies in across the USA (for example:) Los Angeles California – Orlando, Florida – New York City – Atlanta Georgia – North Carolina – Atlantic City – Worldwide appearances as far as Dubai and Japan!
We travel to all states in the US and Worldwide.
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abc black box series mermaid melissa
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Pirates of the Caribbean Stranger Tides Sequel
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