Glow in the dark Mermaid – Mermaid Slideshow – Mermaid Instagram Contest

Glow in the dark Mermaid – Mermaid Slideshow – Mermaid Instagram Contest

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9-11-14: World-Famous Professional Real-Life Mermaid For Hire:
With USA’s Leading Aquatic Entertainment company featuring 10 years of her underwater performers, mermaids, mermen, stunt models, specialty breath hold acts, and live traveling tank rentals!
Creating the most one-of-a-kind shows for special events, VIP occasions, convention displays, pool parties, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, save our seas public speaking, outreach collaborations, ocean diving exploration, live mermaid on the beach sightings, mermaid aquarium shows, fundraisers, marine mammal conservation, corporate functions, and so much more!
Family friendly interactions for kids and classy showcases for adult under the sea themed bookings.
Traveling worldwide for live live TV broadcast, realistic mermaid swimming in the ocean filming, special appearances, underwater stunt work, 5 minute breath-hold record, and sharing it all with her fans with a 10 year official youtube channel for Mermaid Melissa.
Bookings and inquires to hire a mermaid:
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Browse the website tab sections to learn more about top of the line traveling tanks for mermaids and underwater performers, the history of Mermaid Melissa’s career on how she became a mermaid, follow us on youtube for weekly uploads of her mermaiding adventures, meet the team and find out about mermaid pool parties, and learn about the services we offer in detail with our weekly blogs below. Click any blog entry to see the latest public posted mermaid events, updates, news, announcements, contest, or surprise postings from our traveling mermaid staff!
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Mermaid blog updates mermaid melissa

Busy week of uploads to the official youtube Mermaid Melissa channel this week!
Popular video request are answered this week: questions regarding how Melissa breathes underwater, how do you become a mermaid, more clips of the glow in the dark mermaid tail videos, and request for an update to “The Journey of Mermaid Melissa” video.
A new slideshow seemed like the best way to also update you with a mermaid perspective of how her mermaid life has come to be in her own words.
The glow in the dark tail has been seen before but rarely filmed for youtube in all its glowing glory till now!
Both videos are worth sharing with any mermaid lovers or to inspire non-believers that there is something magical about the mythical mermaid turned to real-life ocean defender of the sea.
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@TheMermaidMelissa on Instagram is also holding a contest posting a click video showing a mermaid painting she would like to give away to one lucky random winner who likes or comments on the video!

The Story of Mermaid Melissa: Slideshow Of A Real-Life Mermaid
Video narrated by Mermaid Melissa touches on the updates in her life and touches on questions most asked about her career both having worked for marine life parks and traveling as a professional mermaid for hire.

Short Version: Glow in the dark Mermaid:

full length version: Glow in the dark Mysterious Mermaid” Hire our Traveling Live Mermaids!
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Professional aquatic credentials & elite company background references – 10 year resume and certificates working for well known large credited aquariums worldwide, managing underwater performers.
Contact for booking Mermaid appearances, swimming mermaids, aquarium showcases, ocean Atlantis themed events, aquatic performances, live specialty act, professional underwater models, & synchronized routines. We have trained breath holding techniques and do not use breathing tubes or other air hose devices, -as pro free divers, each team member is exclusively contracted, managed, & trained by Mermaid Melissa LLC in association with Aquatic Merage Productions.
Traveling worldwide, our services have been outsource by internationally well known companies in across the USA (for example:) Los Angeles California – Orlando, Florida – New York City – Atlanta Georgia – North Carolina – Atlantic City – Worldwide appearances as far as Dubai and Japan!
We travel to all states in the US and Worldwide.

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