Good Morning America Mermaid Melissa and Merman Antonio In-Love Mer-Couple Story

Good Morning America Mermaid Melissa and Merman Antonio In-Love Mer-Couple Story

Air Date set for Thursday July 26th, 2013
Professional Mermaid Finds Love Under the ‘Sea’

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Mermaid Melissa, her mermaid company, recently shared her real life fair tale romance turn reality with With Huffington Post
Mermaid Melissa and Merman Antonio are now opening up about being a real life mer-couple both in and out of the tails, on land and in the water!
The duet have been dating privately for the last year testing the waters from friendship to the transformation of boyfriend/girlfriend.
Both claim that their 5 year friendship and being best friends having met at work for both as pro free divers at an orlando aquarium made them so much stronger now as a couple.

Moving forward their routines and duet act in the water has grown stronger and the mermaid love is no longer just a passionate performance but a real life fairy tale turned reality!

Both feel that the timing is right to share with the world how they feel since they will soon be traveling the world together touring as mermaid and merman for shows in the mermaid traveling bus tour that also will be featured at the LA County fair all through September for the “Mermaid Melissa Show” and also appearances in California for star studded events, client parties, and even for company showcases in Vegas.

The love runs deep and they both are grateful to be taking the journey together able to share their passion for the ocean, marine conservation, and performing together underwater. Antonio Padilla, aka Merman Antonio even told the press recently in an interview, “I am in love with her and finally decided to just take the plunge!”

The entire mer-crew and mer-team are excited the news is finally out and often call themselves a mer-family while performing and on the road together.
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