Mermaid Melissa 2014: Video Recap of Past Present Future

Mermaid Melissa 2014: Video Recap of Past Present Future

It’s a new year, and time to recap all the videos from past to present!
Starting from our newest video then follow the videos back in time and see what you might have missed!
Our youtube channel has dozens of yearly videos to browse through, and below is a list of just some of the many videos from 2013!
Exciting new things are happening in 2014 and we encourage you to stay in touch and check back often to see the exclusive news posted only on the Mermaid Melissa official website!
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mermaid melissa swimming underwater ocean with animal elephant
mermaid melissa traveling mermaid showmermaid traveling aquariums portable rentable underwater showsScreen Shot 2013-10-31 at 4.19.19 AMMERMAID MELISSA SHOW L.A. COUNTY FAIRmermaid dubai atlantis the palmmermaid melissa fantasy art work 2


Pirate and a mermaid

Mermaid Swimming in Atlantis The Palm Dubai – Most Beautiful Aquarium in the World

Mermaids of the deep

Mermaid of the Ocean

Mermaid of the sea

Mermaids and Mermen: Pool Side Special Events

Mermaid Melissa’s Traveling Mermaid & Merman team underwater footage

Mermaid as Seen on TV

Mermaid Traveling Tanks: Mermaid on Display

mermaids & merman swim together underwater

Real mermaid in ocean pool for children’s party

Mermaid talking underwater in tank!

Mermaids & mermen – life underwater

Woman pro diver is a mermaid at heart (underwater skills – breath hold)

Traveling Tanks & Underwater Performers for Specialty Events

MERMAID – Music Video

Mermaid Melissa “Metamorphosis” 2014 (Mermaid tails in traveling tank)

Mermaid Melissa Traveling Performances

Mysterious Mermaid (Glow in the dark)

Glow in the dark Mermaid Melissa tail sneak peek

mermaid in a dark tank

Immersed Underwater: Go with the flow

Traveling Tank Underwater Models Live Event

Mermaid Melissa Legally named “Mermaid”

Living as a Mermaid

Mermaid Melissa Demo Reel 2013: Real Life Mermaid

Real life mermaid on rocky shore beach

Inside Edition Real Live Mermaid and Merman In love as MerPeople (TV Version)

Mermaid Melissa revealed live!

Mermaid Melissa out of water tank close up meet and greet

Mermaid Melissa swims for SeCard Pools campaign

Mermaid Melissa backstage before her show at L.A. County Fair

Mermaid Melissa behind the scenes in tank for TV Show

Mermaid Melissa in pool training school for kids to be real mer-girls and mer-boys

Mermaid Melissa real live mermaid interview at L.A. County Fair with AOL & PawNation

Real Life Mermaid close up meet and greet at L.A. County Fair Show case Live

News KTLA CW Real Life Mermaid in traveling tank at LA County Fair

Mermaid Melissa Los Angeles Birthday Pool Party

Mermaid Performers live mermaid tank tour for hire

Real LIfe Mermaid Melissa On DayTime TV Show

Real LIfe Mermaid in her Traveling Tank Tour Convention – bubble rings

Real Life Mermaid Melissa meeting guest poolside at resort

Live Mermaid Sighting & Pool Party Events

Live mermaids poolside

Mermaid Melissa Professional Mermaid Finds Love Under the ‘Sea’ Featured: ABC GMA YAHOO

Mermaid Melissa Interview July 2013 “Real Life Mermaid Performer”

Real Mermaid Melissa live pool party

Real Mermaids at Birthday Pool Party!

real live mermaid sighting

The Journey of Mermaid Melissa – Real Life Mermaid Update 2013

Mermaid and Merman Kiss underwater Famous Mer-couple

Mermaid Melissa 4:32 female breath hold record underwater

Real Mermaid class photos with school children

Real Mermaid Footage in Japan Aquarium on Live TV

Real Life Mermaid Melissa raises awareness for Manatee Protection

Our youtube channel has dozens of yearly videos to browse through.

Mermaid Melissa As seen featured on: ABC News – Good Morning America – Inside Edition – NAT GEO WILD – Fish Tank Kings – Huffington Post – Yahoo – CBS – AOL – PawNation – NBC – Daily Mail – Daytime – Las Vegas Convention – Los Angeles KTLA – California’s L.A. County Fair – Atlantic City Mermaid Tank Display – Orlando Tampa Miami Pool Resorts – Japans Largest Aquarium TV Special – The First Real Live Mermaid Performer in Dubai at the Atlantis The Palm, Hotel.