New Mermaid Videos, Mermaid Photos, and Traveling Mermaid Melissa Adventures

New Mermaid Videos, Mermaid Photos, and Traveling Mermaid Melissa Adventures

Updated videos & images posted below: May 30th, 2015

Mermaid Melissa is swimming the seas worldwide and there are many new mermaid videos posted below from a recent swim to the Cayman Islands for a special event and mermaid sightings throughout Grand Cayman. Visiting with the locals both above and below the water with stingrays, tarp fish, sea stars, coral reefs, topical fish, eels, turtles, and even a famous mermaid statue can be found deep in these clear blue waters.
Many more videos are scheduled to be posted soon (even one posted today at Westin Beach Resort Pool) so check back for updates and visit our YouTube channel and subscribe for alerts on new videos posted!

6/2/15: The CHIVE, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Huffington Post, The Mirror, Inquisitr, Le Journal De Montreal, Epoch Times, Priceonomics, Pop Culture Online, MADONNA24, Deccan Chronicle, Daily Bhaskar, Wikitree Global, VIVA Astria, Rant Chic, and other stories featuring Mermaid Melissa will be updated with clickable links below:

MADONNA24: Diese Meerjungfrau ist ECHT!
“Melissa Dawn aus Florida ist die einzige Meerjungfrau der Welt!” (German Magazine Press)
madonna24 Diese Meerjungfrau ist ECHT mermaid melissa german press article

Liputan6: “Mengenal Melissa Si Putri Duyung Profesional” (Indonesian TV)
Indonesian TV Liputan6 Mengenal Melissa Si Putri Duyung Profesional mermaid melissa

Monday: Mermaid Melissa guest stars on “Pop Culture Tonight”
Listen to the segment:
Deccan Chronicle “Meet the world’s most ‘real-life’ mermaid”
meet the worlds most realistic real life mermaid melissa deccan chronicle

Daily Bhaskar: “The secret behind this beautiful lady’s earnings will leave you stunned: Melissa Dawn is a professional model who performs as a mermaid.” (India News)
daily bhaskar real life mermaid melissa dawn article news press story

Le Journal De Montreal: L’incroyable vie de la sirène humaine (Montréal, Québec Canada) L'incroyable vie de la sirène humaine mermaid melissa le journal de montreal

Huffington Post & Huffpost Weird News:

Huffington Post link to Mermaid Melissa article

Mermaid Melissa Huffington Post Starfish sea stars article

mermaid melissa professional mermaid performer real-life mermaid article huffington post

Cosmopolitan: “15 Photos of a Real-Life Mermaid You Have to See to Believe”
cosmopolitan mermaid model mermaid for hire mermaid melissa performer
cosmopolitan mermaid cover real-life mermaid model mermaid melissa article logo website link mermaid melissa
Hungarian “Elképesztő: 10 éve sellőként él egy lány”
“Ha azt hitted, hogy Élő Barbie után már nem jöhet sokkolóbb, akkor nagyot tévedtél! Egy fiatal csajszi, Melissa Dawn ugyanis már évek óta hableánynak képzeli magát.”
hungarian cosmopolitan model mermaid melissa news
seventeen magazine website logo link mermaid melissa

seventeen magazine article mermaid melissa pictures

The mirror UK London link to Mermaid Melissa article

The Mirror: “Stunning images show ‘mermaid’ at play as she swims with a group of deadly stingrays”
mermaid melissa stringrays video youtube mermaid performer rea-life mermaid
mermaid melissa video professional mermaid real-life mermaid gallery

the chive logo link article pictures mermaid melissa
The CHIVE: Mermaid Melissa loves the sea (10 Photos)
the chive mermaid melissa loves the sea pictures photos article

Inquisitr link to Mermaid Melissa Article Inquisitr link to Mermaid Melissa Article

Inquisitr: “Meet Mermaid Melissa Who Swims With The Ocean’s Sea Life Including Sharks”
mermaid melissa professional mermaid real-life mermaid melissa article news

Epoch Times direct link to Mermaid Melissa article

Mermaid Melissa article epoch times press professional mermaid teaches ocean protection

Epoch Times “Epoch Inspired” Feature: “Professional Mermaid Teaches People, How to Protect Ocean Animals”
1st article published:
2nd feature story:
epoch times inspired article mermaid melissa professional mermaid for hire

Priceonomics link to Mermaid Melissa article

Priceonomics: “Life as a Professional Mermaid”
life as a professional mermaid melissa article news story

Stunning Images Show ‘Mermaid’ At Play With Deadly Stingrays

96FM radio logo website link article

mermaid article mermaid news story mermaid melissa rays swims with stingrays

Rant Chic Mermaid Melissa article click

Rant Chic: “This Professional Mermaid Looks So Convincing, She’s Fooled The Animals”
rant chic article mermaid melissa professional mermaid performer

Diariodigital: “Conheça Melissa, uma sereia de verdade”
“As sereias são retratadas em diversos livros e filmes, mas uma norte-americana fez disso uma carreira. Mermaid Melissa (Sereia Melissa) – sim, ela mudou legalmente o seu nome – nada um pouco por todo o mundo com uma gigantesca cauda de sereia. ” (Portuguese Newspaper)
Conheça Melissa, uma sereia de verdade diariodigital mermaid melissa

Wikitree Global (Korean Press)
‘살아있는 인어공주’ 매일 바다를 수영하는 멜리사
korean wikitree mermaid melissa korea mermaid performer article press news '살아있는 인어공주' 매일 바다를 수영하는 멜리사

VIVA Astria: “Arielle, die Meerjungfrau, lebt und zwar in Florida” (German Press) news Arielle die Meerjungfrau lebt und zwar in Florida mermaid melissa

mermaid melissa coral reef ocean background mermaid swimming
life as a professional mermaid melissa article news story

mermaid melissa real life mermaid performer entertainer resort pool
mermaid stingrays underwater cayman
mermaiad 5

mermaid 1

mermaid 2

mermaid 3

mermaid 4

mermaid 6

mermaid 7

mermaid 9

mermaid 10

mermaid 11

mermaid 12

mermaid 13

mermaid 14

mermaid 15

mermaid 16

mermaid 17

mermaid 18


JULY NEWS: Mermaid Melissa will be swimming & performing live in Australia! This event will be open to the public for viewing! Dates will be posted as soon as the press release advertises this exciting news in the weeks to come!
(Clients: Contact us for dates still available while they last! Our team would love to put on a one-of-a-kind show for you!)

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