A child’s wish come true: Becoming a mermaid

A child’s wish come true: Becoming a mermaid

A child’s wish come true: Becoming a mermaid

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Mermaid Rides by Mermaid Melissa:
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A child’s dream come true…
Mermaid Melissa grants a little girls wish of transforming into a real-life mermaid.

The Journey of Mermaid Melissa’s Aquatic Career & Mermaid Company – New Video:

The mermaid tails you see are custom movie grade (and expensively tailored) tails with professionally trained beautiful underwater stunt performers who specialize in a background of swimming and performance type entertainment for a living. Each of our entertainers are not a hired model just to put on a tail to pose in. All of our team members have to pass a vigorous swim test and training before we ever approve them to then uphold our standard for only the best professional mermaid performers in the world.

Our mermaids entertainers put the safety of children first and are exclusively contracted under our company to assure only top quality underwater performs have the proper training and full background check into their history both personally and professionally meet all guidelines we feel should be the standard for all children entertainers no matter the role.
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When picking out a company service, be sure to make sure they have a credited business, legitimate references, and uphold a reliable reputation by googling their services, reviews, and individual names, to assure they are everything they claim and nothing is a red flag of their past.
As you would for any job, having updated proof of business and the quality of a persons work can determine if they receive repeat business. With 10 years strong, our company has advanced by repeating good business practices, with no negative feedback, and no cancellations. We dedicate ourselves to each booked client, each children’s party, no matter the theme or location, we have never rescheduled or under delivered on our services.

If you would like to learn more about what sets our services apart from all the rest, please contact us via email to receive information on how to book mermaid performers, mermen, pirates, and all forms of aquatic entertainment for your next party or big event.
Our credentials, resume, certificates, and proof of work history for big names and large well known company brands, is due to our class acts, respectful team, one of a kind performances, and strong work ethic instilled in our entire team.

Both for children and adult parties we take each themed event to heart, and cater to making every guest feel included in our entertainment. All events are kept classy and tastefully done regardless of theme or age range.

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Bubble Heart Kisses “A Mermaid’s Tale” is the first children’s book telling the true story of a real life mermaid.

A young girl named Melissa with a big imagination who grew up to make her dreams come true. With a strong love for the sea, each of the colorfully illustrated 24 pages is filled with marine animals that touched her life. Learn how she became a mermaid and the adventures that followed! An inspirational story that reminds us to protect our oceans, follow your heart, & believe you can make a difference, one “Bubble Heart Kiss” at a time!

Order Autographed Copy: $20.00
(Includes shipping +Bonus gift!)

Mermaid Melissa As seen featured on: ABC News – Good Morning America – Inside Edition – NAT GEO WILD – Fish Tank Kings – Huffington Post – Yahoo – CBS – AOL – PawNation – NBC – Daily Mail – Daytime – Las Vegas Convention – Los Angeles KTLA – California’s L.A. County Fair – Atlantic City Mermaid Tank Display – Orlando Tampa Miami Pool Resorts – Japans Largest Aquarium TV Special – The First Real Live Mermaid Performer in Dubai at the Atlantis The Palm, Hotel.

World-Famous Professional Real-Life Mermaid For Hire:
With USA’s Leading Aquatic Entertainment company featuring 10 years of her underwater performers, mermaids, mermen, stunt models, specialty breath hold acts, and live traveling tank rentals!
Creating the most one-of-a-kind shows for special events, VIP occasions, convention displays, pool parties, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, save our seas public speaking, outreach collaborations, ocean diving exploration, live mermaid on the beach sightings, mermaid aquarium shows, fundraisers, marine mammal conservation, corporate functions, and so much more!
Family friendly interactions for kids and classy showcases for adult under the sea themed bookings.
Traveling worldwide for live live TV broadcast, realistic mermaid swimming in the ocean filming, special appearances, underwater stunt work, 5 minute breath-hold record, and sharing it all with her fans with a 10 year official youtube channel for Mermaid Melissa.
Bookings and inquires to hire a mermaid: MermaidMelissa@gmail.com

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