Pirate shops for a mermaid

Pirate shops for a mermaid

Spring has sprung… and in the process the landscaping world is excited to show off their latest trends for the season.
In Michigan over the weekend the state vendors and suppliers gathered to showcase their latest and greatest for all things outdoors for the indoor garden green house public convention. mermaid melissa mermaid performers mermaid team
Among the thousands of flowers was a custom built tropical kio fish pond, complete with waterfall costing $30,000 in materials to construct for a 2 week display. The event was already a big hit, but this year something rather larger than a kio fish was splashing about in the water… Mermaid Melissa made a 3 day appearance along side one of her “mer-sisters” and even the rum drinking pirate himself was scene walking the rocks along the tropical beach themed pond.
Drawing attention to the display was just the start of a great fun filled weekend. The children talked with mermaids and the captain himself, while the adults took pictures to post proof to their doubting friends that mermaids do exist!
Traveling in mermaid tanks can be a great way to make a big impression at fundraisers, expos, conventions, and parties… but it was a unique treat to see mermaids stretching their fins next to kio fish while the children reached out to touch the tail of a real live mermaid. mermaid melissa captain jack pirate & mermaid

One of the best highlights of the trip was a commercial parody that was made with Captain Jack and Mermaid Melissa. It is a shining example of the fun interactions throughout the store with the staff and customers all weekend long.

Here are 2 video examples from the expo:

What happens when you call Mermaid Melissa’s shell phone? It goes to voice-whale & then a pirate answers!

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Jack & Mel copy fix
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