Sofia Coppola to bring The Little Mermaid story into Real Life

Sofia Coppola to bring The Little Mermaid story into Real Life

UPDATE 5/08/2014
Check out “Funny or Die” Parody of what Sofia Coppola’s Remake of the Little Mermaid might end up looking like on the big screen.
Here is what Funny or Die had to say: When it was announced that Sofia Coppola would helm a live-action adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, speculation was rampant as to how the director would apply her formal, dreamy technique to the classic fairytale. The folks over at Funny or Die have given their answer, and it’s highly amusing—a spot-on, wry, and referential mock trailer for the forthcoming film.
Included are many Coppola trademarks: whimsical title fonts, shout-outs to indie bands, angsty teenagers lost in lust and ennui. More entertaining, though, are the references to Coppola’s movies. There’s the pool-lounging of Somewhere and social network sheen of The Bling Ring, but most hilarious are the send-ups of Lost in Translation’s opening and closing scenes—a shot of Ariel in repose and an unintelligible whisper to a befuddled Prince Eric.
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42-year-old director Sofia Coppola announced in March that she will be directing a new cinematic version of The Little Mermaid.

So Funny or Die created A Whole New World in their latest Disney-themed clip inspired by her directing style. It stars 20-year-old Soul Surfer actress Anna Sophia Robb and 27-year-old American Horror Story actor Evan Peters.

The two-minute video, drowning in teenage angst, is a hilarious take on Hans Christian Andersen’s original story tale, but with indie bands playing in the background.
In the fake trailer from Funny Or Die Anna Sophia plays the perfect Ariel with her wide-eyed gaze and adorable cartoon facial expressions.

Evan portrays Prince Eric as a brooding bad boy with a broken arm, constant cigarette in his hand and couldn’t-care-less attitude.

The setting of the clip, the Shellteau Marmont, is it’s own spoof on the real Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood – a hot spot for celebrities.
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beautiful Sirena mermaid melissa photo real life little mermaidSofia Coppola is set to re-write a fantasy style mythical story come to life. A real mermaid perspective under the sea but not like The Little Mermaid we grew up with through Disney. This is a story we just had to share that pulls at our heart strings and gets our mermaid tails flipping!
So hear is the scoop being passed along so far…
Director of “Lost in Translation” and “The Bling Ring” is in negotiations to do an updated version of “The Little Mermaid,” with Ariel brought to life.
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This version will likely not feature the classic “Under the Sea” “Part of your world” and “Kiss the girl” but will have a story that hints to its original historic past. Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s much darker version from 1837 fairy tale, the Universal Pictures/Working Title production is based on a script by Caroline Thompson (“Edward Scissorhands,” “The Secret Garden”) that saw original drafts by Kelly Marcel (“Saving Mr. Banks,” “Fifty Shades of Grey”) and Abi Morgan (“The Iron Lady,” “Shame”). Coppola is stepping in for Joe Wright (“Pride & Prejudice,” Atonement”), who was previously keeping and eye on the right person for the directors role. (Wright, meanwhile, is set to direct an update of “Peter Pan.”)
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There’s no release date or casting notices as of yet, but indicates the plan for “Mermaid” is to “move quickly.” Either way, don’t expect any classic songs here but who knows what we can expect. broke the news (which is now quickly being reported through all the major news sources) of this up-and-coming Real life Mermaid to be. We are excited to see how it all plays out with casting and development.

As a tribute to the Little Mermaid, here are some images and videos by Mermaid Melissa.

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