March Updates for 2020: Mermaid Melissa Public Appearances

March Updates for 2020: Mermaid Melissa Public Appearances

Come swim with me at Atlantis Bahamas, March 13th-27th 2020.
Book your spot and snorkel the beautiful lagoon with me by your side, ~let me be your guide! I’ll share with you the hidden treasures and secrets of the sea!
2 Mermaid Melissa Programs:

Mermaid at gorgeous secluded beach | crashing waves on rocky shoreline video:

This would not be possible without you… thank you for following me on this underwater journey.

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Popular question: “when will Mermaid Melissa be swimming back to Atlantis for appearances & shows in the aquarium?
March 2020 public appearance at Atlantis Bahamas will be 13th to the 27th.
***Please contact Atlantis direct should you wish to request a Mermaid Melissa appearance or book a private swim or VIP event.***
Here is the blog post with Atlantis contact information with all the mermaid program details:

Snorkel with Mermaid Melissa in the Famous Ruins Lagoon at Atlantis Bahamas!

New Mermaid Melissa and manatee video: