Antonio Padilla: An in-Depth look into the Mer/Man

Antonio Padilla: An in-Depth look into the Mer/Man

Who is Antonio Padilla?

An in depth Look into The Mer/Man: IN HIS OWN WORDS

My name is Antonio Padilla I was born in Bamberg Germany on April 18 1980 my nationality is Puerto Rican & German I have a older half sister from my mother side. My fathers name is Antonio Padilla Sr and mothers name is Vera Padilla. My family and

I moved to Orlando Florida in 1988 when I was 8. As a kid growing up I was very athletic And was into dancing in fact me and a couple of friends won a Rap Against Drugs contest twice at the age of 12 which we performed at the Stay In School Jam in the Orlando Arena.
After high school I got a couple of scholarships for track but I wanted to focus on dancing and basketball. I got into choreographing for artists for record labels which I still do a little i have worked with Aaliyah, Ginuwine, LFO, Pink and Mandy Moore. I also teach hip hop classes on the regular. I also was given a chance to play pro basketball in Germany but I had to turn it down cause of other commitments I made in Florida. I always loved entertaining so living in Orlando I started working for an entertainment major theme park dancing and stilt walking. My love for animals attracted me to start working at an Orlando Aquarium as a professional free diver & underwater performer where I meet a special girl named, “Mermaid Melissa”. Over the years Melissa and I have collaborated on several routines, coming up with new concepts, but it took just a couple of months for her to name me her “lead merman” saying, I was the best underwater performer she has ever seen. Currently, I am very busy juggling several jobs and projects at an Orlando Aquariums & Theme Parks, Hip Hop classes, and “Mermaning” about to go on tour to California for several weeks to the LA County Fair and Vegas projects.

I am also very close to my family on my free time I try to spend time with them as much as possible especially my mom her legs got paralyzed from a rare syndrome which I have been giving her water therapy. I am a very challenged driven person I will try almost everything, I love all animals I even feel bad when I step on a lizard. I always try to work on my weakness or flaws that I have, I tend to be shy so, I am not a good conversation starter, but once I get started I can’t shut up. I don’t take things to serious which annoys Melissa, cause when she barks orders as a “Mermaid Boss” I always have a wise crack to make her laugh. We love each other very much, are best friends, and business partners as her leading merman, pirate, mermaid wrangler, tour bus driver, or what ever else the mermaid company needs. When I am not working or with my family I have my best friends who I hangout with to play basketball or just go out. I hope to entertain and inspire for the rest of my life cause that is my passion.

Antonio Padilla is a professional Hip Hop Choreographer and dance instructor. He has taught routines for celebrities, musicians, artist, labels, and been on tour in several bands brought in to train in back up dancers and singers to dance. Antonio is hired to create one of a kind routines to their songs for music videos and live performances worldwide. Aquatic Merage Productions utilizes Antonio Padilla’s skills as a choreographer to also apply these skills to the traveling tank mermaid bus tour, club showcases, and underwater performances for both male and female models featured in aquariums and tank acts performed live!

Antonio is also famous for being labeled as the Leading Male Professional Underwater Performance Model & Merman. Performing Underwater Stunts and over 7 years performing for hire at Aquarium Live showcases. His longest LIVE record seen by the public is 5:00 minutes! Antonio has over 7 YEARS performing in the worlds most famous aquariums live underwater for shows breath holding, swimming and putting on one of a kind acts -also known for his pro free diving skills.
Known as A Real Life AquaMan/Merman – Antonio, is an official lead team member of Aquatic Merage Productions is association with the Entertainment Company and Mermaid Agency, Mermaid Melissa LLC.
Mermaids, Mermen, Pirates, Underwater Entertainers, and the first and only Live traveling mermaid bus tour with our traveling mermaid show tanks!
Booking Office: 626-244-7363
Direct: 407-923-2032 is run by Mermaid Melissa LLC Production Company and Aquatic Entertainment Agency that develops and delivers a fully packaged shows, customized to clients specifications. Our Elite team has an extensive live show entertainment background unlike any other in the world! A scale above the rest with the credentials and client consent for proof to back our ongoing success!