Mermaid Melissa gets mentioned in Sea World Orlando article about Oyster Secret Pearl Divers

Mermaid Melissa gets mentioned in Sea World Orlando article about Oyster Secret Pearl Divers

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It’s no secret that one of Mermaid Melissa’s favorite jobs is to practice her dynamic apnea (swimming a distance while holding your breath).
But after over 8 years working at Sea World Orlando in various roles with Killer whales, dolphins, sharks, stingrays, and other animals… She still credits Pearl diving for the “Lungs of steal” and the best tool to help maintain the stamina needed for her mermaid business.
In a recent article published by – Melissa is mentioned for her well known reputation free diving in the pearl lagoon at Oysters Secret located in the waterfront area by the sky tower in Sea World.

Oyster Secret Sea World Orlando Mermaid Melissa Article

Some of the most well known videos are her 4:18 breath hold record that was recorded in the pearl lagoon in front of live audience.

She also offers up entertainment to make it feel more like a show environment and claims that you make longer lasting memories for both adults and children when you demonstrate skills underwater that they have never seen before or thought possible for humans to do underwater. We make it look easy, but most of our team has been training for years, and you can tell how long a diver has work here usually by the ease of performing and showing off tricks to make guest smile.

Everyday is a chance to improve and think up new underwater skills that will help bring in the crowds. My goal is to leave them speechless that a person can continually perform underwater on just a few quick breaths of air before being submerged again to do yet another exhausting flip, trick, or bubble ring.

Bubble rings, and finding original new ways to make them take on new formations, merging 2 into one, or going through each other, changing the speed and size of a bubble ring, is one of the biggest crowd favorites. It is entertaining for everyone to watch, and you never truly know what will develop or take shape as you try new halo ring underwater tricks.