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“Earth is the cradle to humanity but you can not stay in the cradle forever. It’s time to go forth, become a star-fairing civilization, a multi-planet species, out there among the stars. Expanding the scope & scale of human consciousness. I find that incredibly exciting & that makes me glad to be alive.” – Elon Musk

KEY: Matthew 5:5 “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”
*Translation: Those who do not explore the heavens above & beyond will be limited to ONLY the earth. We are more than one planet. We are the entire Universe! The fish bowl is earth, it can be protected but we can also explore the cosmic ocean together.
Fear holds the evolution of consciousnesses back from advancing in ways we could only dream. Be a LION not a lamb.

Do not fear the future of evolution. Fear in itself, is humanities biggest set back from outgrowing past failures. -Mermaid Melissa

Fortune favors the bold – Be the change – Face your fears – Go Above & Beyond

Passport to Mars: Elon Musk SpaceX Multipass Starbase – 42069

Starbase: Gateway to Mars

“It is time to go forth, to become a star-fairing civilization, be out there among the stars. Expanding the scope and scale of human consciousness, I find that incredibly exciting and that makes me glad to be alive” – Elon Musk

A Hero’s journey: Traveling Above & Beyond

Here is your passport to Mars:

A journey of self discovery: To love & be loved is the key to the universe that binds us all

SpaceX Starbase mission to Mars ft. Elon Musk & Mermaid Melissa

The Success Story Of Elon Musk – The Iron Man of The Real World

SUCCESS has Nothing to DO With LUCK! | Elon Musk MOTIVATION

Captains Log #420.69
Love one another. Do only good every day. K is for Kindness.
Do not fear the future of evolution. Fear in itself, is humanities biggest set back from outgrowing past failures. -Mermaid Melissa

Fortune favors the bold – Be the change – Face your fears – Go Above & Beyond

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Learn about Doge to the Moon.
Also Learn about “plan B = planet B = Mars”
Save the planet, the oceans, and humanity, by becoming a multi-planetary species, traveling among the heavens above & beyond. Saving all creatures before we become mythical.

A must watch:

“I mean, we got to be excited about the future! We gotta do things that make us want to live! It can not always be about problems every day. I mean, do you want to wake up every morning and everything’s just a problem? What inspires you? What makes you excited about the future? There’s gotta be some things like that!” -Elon Musk
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– Mermaids aren’t real, right? Or are they based on people in real life -such as a woman who dedicated her life’s work to it? -Who’s real name is Mermaid Melissa…
Iron man isn’t real, right? Or was it based upon a real man named, Elon Musk?
Life is based upon movies and movies upon life.
United not divided. Universal love brings the expanded light of consciences worldwide. We are in this together.

Children’s story about rockets & space travel:

Children’s story about space travel to Mars:

Doge is the future currency of earth and Mars. It is real crypto currency that will and is currently replacing paper money.
Doge is a dog coin that started as a “joke” and is rumored to be the future bitcoin of all crypto currencies. I can not confirm this but I can encourage you to look into starting a crypto wallet, asking friends and family about it, and making an effort to be apart of the future of digital currency. It is here to stay and it is best to evolve with the times instead of missing out on it. Disclaimer: I am a mermaid not a financial advisor.

Here are some hilarious and fun ways the DogeArmy, and DOGE community on twitter has clever memes and video concepts for letting people know about the early stages of getting in on Doge while it is still very cheap! Elon Musk often tweets about doge and we often poke fun and meme Elon along with Doge, and in silly situations because as the Joker in the movies we believe humor is healing. Life is very stressful, and one way to not let things get you down is to bring laughs, inspiration, smiles, and remember not to be too serious. Enjoy the ride of life. Tell a joke, make a meme, be part of the change in the world, support friends, encourage others, and inspire future generations to be themselves and love one another.
Never be afraid to support the people who have made your life exciting and worth living for. Most ideas seem crazy until they are not. Embrace your inner nerd, be unique, and love your flaws. The game changers are those who listen to their heart and not the outside noise telling you it is not possible. Anything is possible, if you believe in yourself!