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Mermaid Tanks for sale!
All tanks in great condition and were only used for vip events under owner supervision at all times, and are otherwise kept in storage. Tanks were only moved by owner and trained team members.
No major scratches. Any scratch on an acrylic tank can be buffed out and polished like new.
Note: There is a fee for viewing the tanks if you want it ***filled with water*** due to the time and labor to take it out of storage, fill it up, and drain it after a showing.
Call Direct: Talk with Bill to get more information on purchasing large tanks located for customer pick up in Orlando, FL. 1-(352)-406-4609

8x4x4 all acrylic tank (1.5 inch thick holds 950 gallon) $15,000 USD Each
Weight is about 800 pounds empty.About 4.5 tons filled with water. Removable metal frame with adjustable wheels. Custom made with no holes or drains. The water is pumped out. (a plug/drain/hole can always be added by a professional.)

10x4x4 Giant tank with one huge 1,200 gallon, 10 foot long, 2 inch thick, acrylic viewing window $18,000 USD
It does have one drain installed at bottom with blue fiber glass custom inside walls. It is constructed with high quality strong pressure treated wood with metal external paneling. Industrial wheels attached.

7x4x2 acrylic tank (478 gallons) $5,000 USD
(Logos or mirror tint can be added to sides of tank in black. It has a drain at bottom, and filtration compartment.) Removable metal frame with adjustable wheels.

Mermaid Melissa entertainment company is licensed & certified with over 10 years of aquatic show credentials!


mermaid melissa tank show rentalsDid you know Mermaid Melissa owns 6 different styles of large transportable mermaid traveling tanks? They are currently available for rent and in use for bookings around the USA in our mermaid traveling bus tour!
Why contact several companies to rent all the separate components for a showcase? Mermaid Melissa LLC has the first and only reliable full package shows. Our services include professional free divers, realistic mermaid performers, credentials spanning over 10 years experience performing in various aquariums, shows, training, & working abroad with companies worldwide! We provide quality and class as the leaders in traveling tanks & pro aquatic entertainment productions!

Mermaid-Melissa professional mermaid in tank rental aquarium mermaidThe original and only professional experienced traveling mermaid shows in a transportable tanks. Be aware that any claim of duplication comes with complications of others not having full knowledge or understanding how each custom tank is moved safely and constructed. There is only one company with proof of years of satisfied customers, safety track record to back our products, video documentation proof of the years of growth with traveling tanks, and long list of client references that we have the best constructed equipment custom from the ground up.

neon yellow mermaid tail glow in the darkYears of upgrades has helped us perfect each tank show with the knowledge gained from setting up, maintaining, performing, and breaking down tanks at dozens of unique event locations for venue spaces indoor and outdoor. Our designs are concepts built from scratch and perfected through feedback and hands on experience. This gives clients peace of mind, that this is not just a tank set up on display… We back our services to be the only full service professional tank productions, with the best original tank show concepts, guaranteed to continue to set the bar for one of a kind innovative underwater tank showcases.

Reputable client or company inquiries can email us direct at for more detailed exclusive information.

NOTE: Tank Rentals are reserved for large scale budgets due to the high cost involved in our custom quality traveling tank designs. Our quotes factor in days involved for travel expenses, crew, tank performers, additional supplies, efficient set up time, on site maintenance, duration of live shows, and professional removal services.

Tank Rental Pricing: Submit a direct email to that includes specific event location, date, and other details that can get you an accurate quote. Please keep in mind tanks are for large budget projects that require fees for crew, performers, set up/removal labor, on sight maintenance, etc. The more we can learn about your project or party, the better we can reply with a correct pricing options. If travel is involved, those fees will be an additional cost.
Most of our year has been booked in advance, but all inquiries are welcome to email us. If we have the date available you will hear back with more information on the next steps to proceed with your booking.

Underwater performers live acts in traveling tanks by Mermaid Melissa
Live mermaid showcase for hire

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