September 2019: Help Mermaid Melissa reach 1 MILLION Subscribers on YouTube!

September 2019: Help Mermaid Melissa reach 1 MILLION Subscribers on YouTube!

Mermaid Melissa’s Youtube Montage: Help me reach 1 Million Subscribers!

Thank you for watching and subscribing to my youtube channel since 2006!
I dedicate this Mermaid Melissa montage to all those who have supported me over ten years of hard work and dedication to ocean preservation.
I hope my message to help save the oceans, has inspired you through my heartfelt mermaid footage.
Thank you for helping me to soon reach my goal:
Nearing 1 million Subscribers
502,000,000+ views & counting!
This is just the beginning…
With your continued support, the best has yet to come!
Love Always,
Mermaid Melissa

Mermaid Melissa found on a secluded island swimming

Mermaid Melissa floating above water with her fish friends following & circling

Mermaids are real at Atlantis

When you become one with nature, your positive energy becomes a swirling source of love like a gravitational pull. The magic is real when you’re in sync with every living creature surrounding you.
Love, Mermaid Melissa

Swim with Mermaid Melissa At Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

Mermaid Melissa has found her way to Atlantis! Swim with her by booking an chanted snorkel in the ruins and frolic with Coco the manta, too! For more info or to book that enchanted snorkel visit at any Atlantis adventures desk or call 242-363-3000 extension 41. For Mermaid for a day or snorkel with Mermaid Melissa programs, call extension 65946
Swim with Mermaid Melissa Programs:
Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Resort
Mermaid Melissa:

This NEW video is dedicated to all the boys who write me asking if it’s ok that they want to be a merman. I hope this video answers your question! Love Always, Mermaid Melissa

3 Mermaids play in the pool party till night time!

Big thank you for the years of support I have received here on!
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I hope to bring you more inspiring footage and posts that makes you joyful, in the years to come!
Mermaid Melissa

Mermaid Cam! Mermaid Melissa’s view point while swimming underwater in aquarium

Video link:
New Mermaid Melissa Cam! See what she sees underwater in an aquarium!

Video link:

Real Life Mermaid Melissa:

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