Live Mermaids Swimming In Custom Traveling Tank Mermaid Aquariums

Live Mermaids Swimming In Custom Traveling Tank Mermaid Aquariums

Professional Mermaid Performers in their traveling tank display – August 9th:

Live Mermaids Swimming In Custom Traveling Tank Mermaid Aquariums:

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mermaid melissa tank show rentalsDid you know Mermaid Melissa OWNS 5 different styles of large transportable mermaid traveling tanks? They are currently available for rent and in use for bookings around the USA in our mermaid traveling bus tour!
Why contact several companies to rent all the separate components for a showcase? Mermaid Melissa LLC has the first and only reliable full package shows. Our services include professional free divers, realistic mermaid performers, credentials spanning over 9 years experience performing in various aquariums, shows, training, & working abroad with companies worldwide! We provide quality and class as the leaders in traveling tanks & pro aquatic entertainment productions!

Mermaid-Melissa professional mermaid in tank rental aquarium mermaidThe original and only professional experienced traveling mermaid shows in a transportable tanks. Be aware that any claim of duplication comes with complications of others not having full knowledge or understanding how each custom tank is moved safely and constructed. There is only one company with proof of years of satisfied customers, safety track record to back our products, video documentation proof of the years of growth with traveling tanks, and long list of client references that we have the best constructed equipment custom from the ground up.

neon yellow mermaid tail glow in the darkYears of upgrades has helped us perfect each tank show with the knowledge gained from setting up, maintaining, performing, and breaking down tanks at dozens of unique event locations for venue spaces indoor and outdoor. Our designs are concepts built from scratch and perfected through feedback and hands on experience. This gives clients peace of mind, that this is not just a tank set up on display… We back our services to be the only full service professional tank productions, with the best original tank show concepts, guaranteed to continue to set the bar for one of a kind innovative underwater tank showcases.
Reputable client or company inquiries can email us for more detailed exclusive information.

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