Mermaid and Whale Sharks – Swimming with the biggest fish in the sea! UPDATE VIDEO!

Mermaid and Whale Sharks – Swimming with the biggest fish in the sea! UPDATE VIDEO!

Mermaid Melissa swims with whale sharks as part of her ongoing inspirational youtube video series dedicated to marine conservation. July 2016 whale sharks were officially put on the endangered species list. Marine scientist are working very hard to learn more about tracking whale sharks migration habits. In an ongoing effort to help whale sharks and save all marine life… make sure you research ways to get involved, such as taking a political stand, voting for those who understand the science behind fighting climate change, having stricter policies on over fishing, pollution, & expanding marine sanctuaries in the ocean.
Find local online groups in your home town who also share the same interest, post videos and pictures that inspire others to get involved. Do a school paper or special project on how to help save our oceans, write a blog about why it’s important to you and for others to save our blue planet.
Share this video, keep the topic active with friends and family both online and in your daily life. Find new ways to give back, teach kids about recycling, organize a beach clean up day, and find your own unique ways to stand out and be the voice for the animals of the ocean.

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The biggest fish in the ocean is the massive whale shark. Mermaid Melissa swims alongside these giants of the sea while they coast along the surface of the water in the middle of the ocean.


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